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A look at our pack!

Just like any company, Johnny's Dogs has a strong team of employees that are constantly pushing to be better everyday. You can expect nothing but reliability, professionalism, and compassion for you and your pets when working with us. We hope we leave just as satisfied as the person before!


Johnny Navan - Owner/Walker/Sitter

Owner of Johnny's Dogs LLC. Johnny is who you will speak with about any job, request, or issue with the company. You can expect noting but a high level of professionalism and compassion for you and your pets!

Nikki VanNostrand - Walker/Sitter

One of our treated walkers and sitters, Nikki has experience working for/in shelters and rescue programs as well as being an aquatic specialist. Her work ethic is unmatched and she will always prove you made the right choice picking her to care for your pets. 

Angelina Escobar - Walker/Sitter

Angelina has a history of putting smiles our clients faces. She has a history of Pet care from a wide range of backgrounds. Currently in school to be a veterinarian you can expect nothing but the best care for you and your pets. 

Emily Kyle - Walker

Emily is a truster walker amongst our team. There isn't a dog in the world she isn't fit to handle. 

Skyler Willingham - Sitter

Skyler is a trusted sitter for us and she makes sure to not come up short when it comes to making sure your dog in happy, healthy, and comfortable while you're away.

Connor Geness - Walker/Sitter

Another one of our trusted team members. It's hard to find someone who is more passionate about dogs/animals in general. There isn't a job he can't tackle and of course, you can only expect the best from him. 

Want to join the team? Here's a little insight!

Taking care of other people pets is take very seriously within this company and is nothing we just let anybody do. Johnny's Dogs is very particular on who we hire as a pet care provider. If you believe you are capable of handling the occupation of pet care, then feel free to reach out to set up an interview!

A few requirements:

  • Experience walking dogs of all sizes 

  • Experience dog sitting

  • Valid drivers license

  • Regular availability 

  • References of past clientele

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We are also interested in partnering up with trainers, groomers, etc.

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