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Our Services

This is your Services Page. Below is a list of all of the thing we offer to you and your pets. We hope our selection satisfies your needs. As we grow, we plan to keep adding more and more services and ways to help you and your pets! 

Quick note: All walks scheduled on the weekends during the Summer season will receive a $10 fee on of normal rate.


Dog Walking

Every step counts!


15min $20

30min $40

45min $50

60min $60

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Hourly Sitting

No worries while you're away!


$40 an hour for one dog

$50 an hour for two dogs

$60 an hour for three


Pet Sitting

Professional care right at home!


$125 a day for one dog

$150 a day for two dogs

$200 a day for three dogs




Anytime, anyplace!


Differ per given request



Play and potty all at once!


30min $40

45min $45

60min $60


Exclusive Services

Nothing we can't do!


Will vary based on given request

It is important to know that all of our services and taken very seriously. Communication is key between owner and care provider to insure the best possible outcome for your pet(s). If you have any questions or concerns regarding our services please reach out at anytime and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Additional Information

  • Any additional dog will add $10 to any given walk.

  • Our rate for pet sitting covers everything during the stay.

  • If requesting to drive your pet long distances, such as NY-FL, there is a set fee for the drive itself on top of the daily pet sitting rate for how many given days the trip takes. 

  • Exclusive services can be anything that you need help with that you don't see above. Reach out so we can discuss details

  • Drop-ins and Cat Care are fixed, there are no additions based on how many pets there are.

  • Any services that are performed over a holiday will receive a 30% increase in price.

  • We charge per individual day, not every 24 hours. For example, arriving at 4pm Monday and leaving 11am Wednesday still counts as 3 days. 

  • Two day jobs receive a $50 discount. For example, instead of a sitting job being $250 for one dog over let's say, Tuesday-Wednesday it is only $200. 

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